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Finger Food

Tortilla Wraps
The Mexican alternative to a sandwich!
Tortilla wraps encasing delicious fillings, from Spicy Chicken, Prawns & Avocado to Brie & Black Grape.

Open Sandwiches (or Closed Deep-fill Sandwiches)
Sliced French bread topped with a delicious choice of fillings to include; coronation chicken, prawn marie rose, ham in mustard dressing, grated carrot & cheese, tuna & sweet corn, homemade pate, cottage cheese & pineapple.
Chilli Chicken Puffs or Sausage Rolls
Tender chicken mildly flavoured with chilli wrapped in puff pastry, a great alternative to the traditional sausage roll.

Goujons of Chicken
Bite sized pieces of chicken breast coated in crumbs then deep-fried – a favourite with both children and adults alike.

Sesame Chicken Dips
Tender strips of chicken breast coated in nutty sesame seeds served with a dipping sauce.

Scampi Bites
Breaded whole scampi, served with skewers.

Pork and Apple Meatballs
The subtle flavours of apple and pork are the perfect savoury mix. Formed into nugget sized pieces and served with a dip.

Mini Cottage Pies
Bite size cottage pies; slow cooked mince beef sat in a pastry case, topped with mashed potato.

Smoked Salmon Croissants
Freshly baked mini croissants, filled generously with cream cheese and layers of smoked salmon.

Blini with Smoked Salmon
A traditional Russian finger food in the style of a miniature pancake topped with crème fraiche and smoked salmon.

Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread
Sliced Brown Bread with lemon butter, topped with smoked salmon & freshly milled pepper.

Devils on Horseback GF
Old fashioned finger food and rarely seen today – prunes wrapped in bacon – a delicious combination of flavours.

Cherubs on Horseback GF
Similar to above, using dried apricots instead of prunes.

Pork Pies
Local butcher made pork pies, served with English mustard.

Sushi V GF
A selection of home-made sushi, can be all vegetarian if required, served with soya sauce dip.

Individual Tartlets V
Bite sized savoury tartlets with a variety of fillings, including olive & sun dried tomatoes; caramelised red onions; mushroom & mixed herbs; goat’s cheese and herb; asparagus; & Wensleydale with apricot.

Cheese Scones V
Can top these with a variety of things.

Mini Pizza Swirls V
Chelsea bun style miniature pizzas with various fillings, a must if catering for children!

Devilled Stuffed Eggs V GF
Hard boiled, halved and re-filled with a slightly spicy yolk – addictive!

Spinach & Feta Rolls V
Encased in puff pastry like a sausage roll, this vegetarian filling is enjoyed by all.

Bread & Cheese V
Slices of Artisan Breads, Topped with generous slices of cheese.

Onion Bhaji V
A mix of onions and Indian spices make this one of the most popular dishes on any buffet table.

Selection of Olives V GF
A delicious mix of Mediterranean Olives.

Humus with Pitta Fingers V
Home-made Humus served in a bowl with toasted pitta fingers to dip!

Crudities V GF
A must for any finger buffet, crunchy fresh vegetables with an assortment of dips.

Potato Wedges V GF
Can be made with either baking potatoes or sweet potatoes, served with a dip.

Kettle Crisps & Nuts V
Bowls of hand cooked potato crisps and nuts.


V – Suitable for Vegetarians
GF – Gluten Free


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