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Canapé Menu

Waitresses with circulate amongst your guests with platters of canapés to offer during your drinks reception.

Blini with Smoked Salmon
Traditional Russian canapés, in the style of miniature pancakes topped with crème fraiche and smoked salmon. – perfect with pre-dinner drinks!

Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread
Wholemeal bread, spread with a lemon butter, topped with smoked salmon & freshly milled black pepper.

Fish & Chip Cups
Oven baked chips served in a bamboo cup with a piece of Scampi.

Chilli Tiger Prawns GF
Tiger prawns skewered and served with a sweet chilli mayonnaise.

Canapé Spoons GF
Elegant Canapé Spoons, topped with succulent prawns, avocado & cucumber.

Chorizo Prawns
A tiger prawn skewers with sliced chorizo & mongetout.

Cheese Scones V (if no salmon)
Freshly baked miniature Cheese Scones, finished with cream cheese (can be topped with Asparagus, smoked salmon or chutney).

Dill Pancakes
Little bite size dill pancakes, topped with crème Fraiche & mock caviar.

Brochette V
Oven baked, bit-size slices of olive oil drizzled baguette, topped with a variety of tasty delights, from coronation chicken, home-made houmous (V), carrot & cheddar (V), salmon tartar, smoked mackerel pate to tomato & roast pepper (V) & mango salsa (V)
Devils & Cherubs on Horseback GF
An old fashioned canapé and rarely seen today – prunes and Apricots wrapped in bacon – a delicious combination of flavours!

Sticky Sausages
Cocktail sausages with a difference – whilst cooking, I add either honey & sesame seed, or a BBQ or Sweet & sour sauce, and then skewer then as they cook slightly – deliciously tasty!

Baby Yorkshire Puddings
Bite-sized Yorkshire puddings filled with a smidgen of Horseradish sauce then topped with pan-fried fillet of beef.

Oriental Chicken with Spicy Pesto Tartlets
Tasty oriental flavoured chicken breast on a sesame tartlet with spicy pesto.

Mini Cottage Pies
Bite size cottage pies; slow cooked mince beef sat in a pastry case, topped with mashed potato.

Pork and Apple Meatballs
The subtle flavours of apple and pork are the perfect savoury mix. Formed into nugget sized pieces and served with a dip.

Chicken Tikka
Succulent strips of chicken breast marinated in a natural yoghurt tikka dressing, ‘zigzagged’ or chunks on a skewer.

Parma Lychees GF
Refreshing combination of Parma Ham wrapped around juicy Lychees.
Spinach & Ricotta Bite-size Rolls V
Delicious blend of Spinach & Ricotta encased in flaky puff pastry.

Mediterranean Skewers V GF
Very colourful and quite delicious! Herb marinated feta cheese, skewered with black olives and cherry tomatoes.

Selection of Sushi V GF
Can be all vegetarian if desired; a tasty selection of homemade sushi, with wasabi, soya & ginger.

Dolcelatte Stuffed Figs V GF
Nicer than it may sound –dried figs stuffed with Dolcelatte.

Polenta & Parmesan discs V GF
A delicious base of seasoned polenta & parmesan cheese, topped with either cream cheese or goats cheese & red onion relish!

Cheesy Puffs V
Cheesy profiteroles rolled in grated parmesan cheese, served warm.

Crudities V GF
Crunchy fresh vegetables with an assortment of dips.

Selection of Olives V
A delicious mix of Mediterranean Olives.

Cheese Straws V
Light & flaky cheese straws – perfect with drinks!

Selection of Canapés
Mixed selection of some of the canapés listed above.

4 Canapés each £4.50 per portion
6 Canapés each £6.00 per person
8 Canapés each £7.50 per person (can replace a starter)


V – Suitable for Vegetarians
GF – Gluten Free

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