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Food Hygiene Rating: Very good


Barbeque Style, Hot Buffet

Large commercial gas BBQ’s can be hired from £95.00 (plus delivery charge), which will cook for up to 60 - 80 guests.


Greek Lamb Steaks GF
Prime pieces of lamb steak, marinated in natural yoghurt, mint & garlic – a delightful combination of flavours, which contributes to the ‘melt in the mouth’ tenderness if this dish.

Indonesian Pork Kebabs / Steak
Another marinated dish, this time Soya sauce is the main ingredient – and a wonderful contrast to the lamb steaks.

Apricot Glazed Chicken
A sweet, yet perfect coating for succulent chicken pieces £2.50 per portion.

Piri Piri Chicken Wings

Tiger Prawns GF
These will be cooked with the shell off, to avoid a messy situation for your guests! Cooked in their natural state, served with wedges of lemon.

100% Beef burger or Lincolnshire Sausages
This is an option that you may feel you want. If so, I get them from a local farm butcher, who makes them to my requirement, and are quite delicious!

Sirloin Steaks GF
Can be marinated in advance or just thrown on the BBQ au natural!

Hickory Ribs
Slow cooked in advance to give tender ribs, then hickory glazed and BBQ’ed.

Salmon Filet in Sweet Chilli Sauce

Halloumi Cheese with Herbs V GF
A suitable kebab for the vegetarians in your party, chunks of Halloumi cheese are once again marinated, this time in olive oil, lemon juice and handfuls of freshly chopped mixed herbs. The texture of this cheese, is unaffected by the heat and so does not melt away on impact with the hot coals.

Mixed Vegetable Kebabs

BBQ’ed Polenta V GF



BBQ Bananas with Hot Chocolate Sauce
Bananas cooked over the coals in their skins, peeled and served with a hot choc sauce and cream

For a selection of salads or more desserts, please refer to this section in the Function Menus.


V – Suitable for Vegetarians
GF – Gluten Free


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